NATURE reserves across London have taken a battering from the extreme weather.

The London Wildlife Trust runs 40 across the capital, including New Cross Gate Cutting in Lewisham, and has had reports of more than 30 trees knocked over or shattered in its reserves.

Multiplying this across all of London’s woodlands, the Trust estimates thousands of trees will have been blown down or damaged.

The charity works to render damaged trees safe, unblock reserve footpaths and cordon off areas of potential danger.

Trust reserves manager Tom Hayward, said: "Every storm has the capability of wreaking destruction on trees and woodlands and those of 2013 certainly have made their mark.

"But from an ecological perspective the winds will be mostly beneficial by opening up parts of the woodland canopy encouraging woodland flora and other wildlife.

"Trees blown down will contribute to dead wood habitat providing additional food sources and breeding habitats for fungi, fauna and flora."