A NEW CROSS teenager stabbed a 14-year-old boy to death after he made comments about a friend's woolly hat and designer watch, a court heard today (November 25).

Roree Cox, aged 18, of Wardalls Grove, attacked Kevin Ssali on a bus as it travelled down Burnt Ash Road in Lee Green on September 15 last year.

Kevin, a former Crown Woods College pupil from South Norwood, collapsed on the bus and died in hospital the same night.

Prosecutor Sean Larkin told the Old Bailey jury that Kevin had boarded the 202 bus and sat next to another 15-year-old boy.

Mr Larkin said: "Whilst there he made comments to the 15-year-old boy about his woollen hat and large designer watch.

"One witness heard the sound of a punch.

"Another described Kevin grabbing the 15-year-old boy's wrist to look at his watch and the 15-year-old boy saying 'don't touch me'."

News Shopper: The bus stop at which Kevin Ssali was stabbed.

The court heard that Cox, who had a history of hosility with Kevin, was sitting on the 261 bus behind.

Mr Larkin said: "Someone saw this exchange and phoned the defendant.

"The 202 stopped at traffic lights. The defendant got off the bus behind and ran to the 202.

"While he was outside the 202 the defendant took off his training shoe and took out a knife.

"Two of the 15-year-old boy's friends let him on the bus by opening the emergency exit door.

"Holding a knife he ran up the stairs. Meanwhile Kevin had moved away from the 15-year-old boy towards the stairs.

"As he ran up, witnesses heard him shout 'Do you want me to stab you?'

"He ran up the stairs and he stabbed Kevin once. He stabbed him over the barrier at the top of the stairs.

"The defendant then ran downstairs. Kevin chased after him.

"Kevin collapsed at the foot of the stairs on the bus and later died from a stab wound."

Two days later Cox was charged with murder.

He denies the charge.

The trial continues.