ALL Labour councillors in Lewisham must now sign a contract before standing, the party has revealed, after criticism over some members' poor attendance.

The contract highlights key responsibilities, including attending community, council and Labour party meetings.

Councillors will be blocked from standing again if they fail to carry out their duties.

As News Shopper has reported, several councillors have repeatedly failed to show up at council meetings.

Councillor Anne Affiku, who represents Forest Hill ward, currently has the worst attendance record, turning up at only 29 per cent of meetings this year.

But Lewisham Lib Dem leader Chris Maines said: "If they were committed, you wouldn’t need the contract. There’s already the obligation to attend meetings when you get elected."

He said of Cllr Affiku: "She’s a bit of a silent person really. I’ve never heard her speak."

Cllr Affiku was not available to speak to News Shopper.