A FESTIVAL of fun with music, sun and food brought families together in Catford on Saturday [July 20].

There was a BBQ, bingo, cake-baking and many local artists performing at Goldsmith Community Centre Summer Festival and Lunch event.

Lewisham East MP Heidi Alexander also joined in the merrymaking at the summer fun day hosted by the centre in Castillon Road with funds from Lewisham Ward assembly, Phoenix Housing and Lime Light Children’s Centre.

Whitefoot ward councillor Councillor Janet Daby said: “I was happy to be part of the event and to see people getting to know each other, children, families and everyone who attended had fun and it was safe.”

Speaking of Goldsmith Community Centre’s manager-of-22-years Sally Cross, who is retiring shortly, she added: “She will be greatly missed by the local people and families, the staffing team, as well as her contribution to keeping the centre going.”