AN EX-CHICKEN shop worker who is wanted by police seems to spend his time singing One Direction hits.

Clips have emerged online of Dominik Selchert singing What Makes You Beautiful by the chart topping boyband and, while strumming an acoustic guitar, he performs a version of Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror.

Both clips are on YouTube and were reportedly uploaded by Selchert, formerly of Penderry Rise, Lewisham.

Bromley police have been looking for Selchert, ever since he failed to appear at Croydon Crown Court for a voyeurism trial last July.

He is accused of filming fast food restaurant staff members as they got changed for work at the KFC restaurant in High Street, Bromley.

An iPhone was found hidden in the restaurant’s female staff toilets in August 2011.

At the court on March 5 last year Selchert pleaded not guilty to voyeurism.

Call the police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 if you know where Selchert is.