NOTHING can compare to the original but a Catford class now have a set of meerkat toys to replace their lost one - courtesy of Aleksandr Orlov himself.

Pupils at Holbeach Primary School have appealed for help in finding rock music-loving, leather jacket-wearing class toy Vassily, who was dropped in a Lewisham bank on May 29.

And after reading of the class's plight in News Shopper last week, Mr Orlov - meerkat star of the Compare the Market adverts - asked the company to send out a set of toys for the children.

He told News Shopper: "When I am hear news about Ms Little and pups at Catford Holbeach Primary School I was fill with sadness, but not surprise.

"Vassily is a rocking and rolling kat and sometime he go missing for many day at a time. One time he is come back cover in mud. He had been to the Meerfest musics festival

"I have send Postkat with replacement Vassily toy for pups in class 3L. I am hope this is help with their learnings until he is make his way back home.

"I have also send Sergei, Bogdan, Yakov, Maiya and of course a handsome Aleksandr toy to keep eye on him just in case he is misbehave again."

Teacher Alice Little said: "The children are over the moon about the article and are not giving up hope in finding Vassily.

"They are also very excited about getting the set of meerkats, although they will not replace poor Vassily."