WHAT did this Catford class do when their meerkat toy went missing? Simples. They tried to track him down.

Last week, News Shopper received dozens of letters and drawings from Year 3 pupils at Holbeach Primary School in Doggett Road, asking for our help in finding missing meerkat Vassily.

The wobbly-necked, rock music-loving class toy, which youngsters take home and on holiday before writing about their experiences, is believed to have been dropped in a Lewisham town centre bank on May 29.

Teacher Alice Little explained: "The children have become extremely attached to him.

"They really think that it helps them with their learning and they were distressed when he was left in Lewisham."

Since they got Vassily in September, the class toy - who wears a leather jacket, has blue eyes and is a big fan of rock music and the colour red - has been all over the place and even visited the seaside in the holidays. But the trip to SE13 was a step too far.

Heartbroken youngster Teiya Finch wrote: "Everyone is lost without him. The excruciating pain is despicable all over the classroom."

Ms Little said: "The children are trying really hard to get him back. They have even made missing posters and put them around Lewisham."

Pupil Nicholas Bailey wrote: "Vassily was like family to us and he helps us to our work. He loves eating doughnuts with jam inside."

And Riley Kirby said: "His name is Vassily. He has a brother called Bassily. His brother Bassily must be so sad."

If you find Vassily, call the school on 020 8690 4713. Your reward is 30 happy children.