A GROVE Park woman is taking legal action after finding out a year-long construction project will build a railway bridge right outside her home.

Karen Galloway, 47, of Amble Court Meadows, says she and her neighbours have not been consulted over the impending work at Grove Park station.

The project is part of the government's Access for All scheme, installing lifts, removing ramps and demolishing the old bridge.

But Ms Galloway, an epileptic, said she feared the construction would bring on an attack. She said: "My 80-year-old father had to travel miles from Scotland to come and look after me.

"The stress of it is making me unwell."

The NHS worker, who is now launching legal action against Lewisham Council, said: "They'll be working for a year at least and after that I'll have this big bridge obstructing my view.

"Had we known about this six months ago we could have come up with another strategy. It's about decency and respect for the community as well.

"I feel we've been bullied not just by Network Rail but by the council as well."

Ward councillor Cllr Suzannah Clarke said: "I think it's absolutely right that if a resident is going to have a big structure built within metres of her home then she should be told about it. All of the houses in that area should have been notified.

"People haven't been able to have a say about their local station. We're actually paying into Network Rail after all."

Cllr Clarke is trying to get the work halted and meet Parliamentary Under Secretary for Transport Norman Baker.

A Network rail spokesman said: "The work will be completed by summer 2014. Whenever we carry out improvement work, we do all we can to minimise the impact it has on our neighbours.

"We have written to local people and information on the scheme will be available throughout the work."

A Lewisham Council spokesperson said: "We are unable to comment as legal proceedings have been issued."

Cllr Clarke is also concerned about the loss of ramps and wants to speak to disabled people who are affected. Email cllr_suzannah.clarke@lewisham.gov.uk