BROMLEY has the lowest emergency admission rate for asthma in adults in the whole of England, research has revealed this week.

Charity Asthma UK launched a Compare Your Care campaign to expose national variation and the borough emerges as the one where people are least likely to be hospitalised for this condition.

Figures released on 7 May showed how residents from Newham, East London, were six times more likely to be admitted to hospital for the illness.

Every day in the UK, 200 people are hospitalised because of their asthma - three of these people will die.

Clinical Chair of Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group Dr Andrew Parson said: "We welcome Asthma UK's findings and would like to say 'well done' to patients themselves, and also to our local GPs, nurses, pharmacies and hospital staff.

"It is a serious condition which has a big impact on a patient's quality of life, so it's important that people take action to manage their asthma well and to stop it worsening.

"Stopping smoking is crucial. Patients who want to quit can go to their GP or local pharmacy for help, or call the Bromley Healthcare Stop Smoking Service Helpline on 0800 587 8821."

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