COMMISSIONERS have said Beckenham Beacon will remain open however the future of other hospitals in the south east remains unclear.

There has been growing concern over the facility however the NHS Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group - which is responsible for buying and planning healthcare services in the borough - has said it will not close.

The commissioners said it is likely Orpington Hospital will close towards the end of next year and the Health and Wellbeing Centre will open early 2015.

However there have been unconfirmed reports Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is looking at taking over Orpington Hospital. 

The trust has said it is considering acquiring Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) in Farnborough as recommended by the Trust Special Administrator and is holding a series of public meetings.   

Kings College Hospital said: "We are already starting to plan how the PRUH might be successfully integrated with King’s and how this will improve patient care across south east London."

In an attempt to clarify confusion over the Beckenham Beacon, a NHS Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group spokesperson said: "We would like to reassure patients and members of the public that Beckenham Beacon is definitely not closing.

“We want to continue to provide a good range of services there, including maternity services, diagnostic services and GP practice services.

“In order to further shape services at Beckenham Beacon, we will now be engaging with providers of health care such as Bromley Healthcare, local GPs and members of the public. We also aim to ensure that the facilities there meet the healthcare needs of people in Bromley, particularly in the Beckenham and Penge areas.

"Currently, it is expected that Orpington Hospital will close towards the end of 2014 and we want patients and relatives to know that there is intended to be no break in services for those who are now using the hospital.

“We expect that the new Health and Wellbeing Centre will open in early 2015."

The group will publish a regular newsletter to keep the public informed on Orpington health services and the first one will be published in May.

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