AN ORPINGTON man with 29 previous convictions has been jailed for breaking into a car in Beckenham and stealing a radio.

Jamie Robery, aged 33, of Saltwood Close, was sentenced to 24 weeks after pleading guilty at Bromley Magistrates’ Court to theft.

He was last jailed on January 17 for nine months for burglary and theft, but was released after a month and a half.

Officers spotted Robery acting suspiciously in Station Road, Shortlands, in the early hours of April 12.

He was breathing heavily, as though he had been running, so officers retraced his route, finding a car in Martins Road with a smashed window and missing radio.

A short distance away they found the missing car stereo and a screwdriver hidden under another car.

Robery was arrested at the scene.

His 29 previous convictions come from 76 offences, 42 of which were theft offences.