PRIMARY school parents in Bexley were the most likely to be offered their first choice of reception school place in the News Shopper area.

Figures published this week show how 86 per cent of children beginning primary school in reception class will go to their chosen school and every child who applied for a place in Bexley was offered one.

Of the 2,857 applications received, Bexley Council was able to offer 2,473 parents their first choice of school, a three per cent rise on last year.

Bexley Council’s cabinet member for education Councillor John Fuller said: "I’m delighted we’ve been able to offer so many first preference places to Bexley residents.

"We all know, not least from regular news coverage, the challenges that London faces to meet growing demand.

“Our aim is to continue to work hard with our schools, parents and residents to make sure that we are able to provide quality places for our community within our community.

“I wish all these youngsters all the best in their new schools.”

Across the News Shopper patch, more children were offered their first choice of primary school than last year in all areas but Bromley.

In Lewisham 77 per cent of parents were offered their chosen school, compared to 75 per cent last year and in Greenwich 81 per cent of children will go to their favoured school, a four per cent rise on 2012.

But in Bromley, just 76 per cent of children were this year allocated a place at their chosen school whereas last year, 78 per cent were.

For those Bexley parents who were not given the chance for their child to attend their chosen school, 199 will attend their second choice and 80 will study at their third selection.