WHAT’S in a name? A good chance for a giggle in the case of these 10 locations.

A little while ago we asked our friends on Facebook for suggestions of the rudest place names in the News Shopper area across south-east London and north Kent.

We have taken some of the very amusing nominations they gave us, along with a few of our own, to create the top 10 list below.

Obviously, we realise none of these place names were intended to be rude and they probably all have perfectly innocent origins – but it doesn’t stop them being funny when looked at in a certain way!

There is no particular order to the list so you can tell us in the comments box below which one you think deserves the title of the rudest or funniest place name in the area, or tell us any others you reckon should have been in this top 10!

Top 10 rudest place names in the News Shopper area:

Jackass Lane, Keston

Pratt’s Bottom

Pennis Lane, Longfield

The Fanny On the Hill pub, Welling

Prickend Pond, Chislehurst

Cockmannings Lane, Orpington

Thong near Gravesend

Bishop Butt Close, Orpington

Peckerman’s Wood, Sydenham

Horniman Museum, Forest Hill