A LEWISHAM policeman has been commended for bravery after saving a toddler who had fallen underneath a train.

Detective Sergeant Cary Gawley was off duty last year when he helped save the life of a toddler after he fell onto the tracks whilst travelling with his grandparents.

The small boy slipped through the gap between the train and the platform, hitting the tracks with the train still stationary.

Acting quickly, the police officer was on scene at platform two of London Bridge Station to discover the commotion.

He reached down to pull the little boy to safety and back onto the platform into the open arms of his worried grandparents

DS Gawley, based in Lewisham borough, was commended at a ceremony by British Transport Police Chief Constable Andy Trotter.

Mr Trotter said: "DS Gawley showed true willingness and professionalism to assist in an emergency.

"He demonstrated outstanding bravery and I’m proud to be able to commend him for his actions."

DS Gawley said he was glad to have acted so quickly when the incident  happened in January last year.

The policeman said: "I am very happy to receive the commendation and it is really nice to be recognised by British Transport Police for my actions.

"I’m sure I have done what anyone else would have done, but I’m thankful to have acted so quickly in getting the boy from under the train and safely back up to the platform."

Certificates of commendation are awarded by the Chief Constable to police staff and members of the public who show courage, professionalism, and resourcefulness in the policing of the railway.