A MAN accused of murdering Prabjot Rayat on a Thamesmead industrial estate last year offered to help police find his friend and co-defendant, a court heard today (March 7).

Mr Rayat, a 54-year-old father of three, of Pickford Lane, Bexleyheath, was found with his throat slit in the office of his car repair service, Rayat Autos, at the Crown Industrial Estate, Nathan Way, on June 8.

Robert Burrows, aged 33, and Surinda Chana, aged 44, both of Lower Park Road, Belvedere, and Clifford Collins, aged 40, of Mounts Road, Greenhithe, are accused of his murder.

After his arrest, Burrows asked police to see him in his cell, Wood Green Crown Court heard.

According to a transcript read to the jury, he told them: "I can help you. I haven't killed anyone. I can show you a couple of addresses where Clifford might be.

"I can't tell you where they are but if you put me in the back of a police car I can show you. If you can get Clifford then it will speed things up for me."

He had previously offered no comment to all police questions in a series of interviews, only saying: "I am just shocked hearing about all this."

The victim was found in a pool of blood by close friend Daljit Sagoo, with a bloodied white towel near his arm.

He had bruising on his arms and legs, while a gold watch was missing along with money from his office safe. A kitchen knife was later found by police at the scene.

Detective Constable Paul Lapthorn, one of the investigating officers, told the court that Chana was not originally a suspect, but was arrested after comments she made to police following Burrows' arrest at their shared residence.

When asked by police if she knew why they were there, she responded in a garbled and often incomprehensible manner, jurors were told.

According to a police report read out in court, she said: "Is this about my stalker? I have a stalker called Clifford Collins or something.

"I have been looking after some sofas for my uncle. He's not my real uncle. Collins said that he sexually assaulted me but he didn't, he only touched my arm."

She also offered no comment to all police questions when  interviewed.

The defendants visited Mr Rayat twice on the night of his death, the court has heard.

On the second visit, after 3.30am, a woman was seen rushing away from the scene, followed minutes later by two men.

All three deny murder as well as a separate charge of conspiracy to rob.

The trial continues.