BROMLEY Museum’s curator is starring in a BBC programme on tomorrow about a local ‘hero’ who helped make history a century ago.

The first episode of a three-part series, Heritage! The Battle for Britain’s Past, features an interview with expert Marie-Louise Kerr talking about Victorian pioneer John Lubbock.

Ms Kerr discusses how Lubbock, created bank holidays, reduced working hours and helped preserve ancient objects for the public through helping to pass an act of parliament in 1913.

The curator, who has worked at the museum in Church Hill, Orpington, for five years, said: “The BBC came to film us to talk about the centenary of the Ancient Monuments Act because it was the cornerstone for English Heritage.

“It’s the reason we still have Stonehenge today.

“John Lubbock, who lived in the High Elms estate, helped implement it. We love him - he’s our hero at the museum and we’re holding an exhibition on him in a few months.

“He was a friend of Charles Darwin and even had a pet wasp he carried round with him everywhere. When it died he had an obituary for it in The Times.

“Lubbock also passed the bank holiday act and for that reason alone, we should all be grateful - he was also responsible for reducing the number of hours children had to work.”

Her enthusiasm for the MP made her the perfect candidate to inform viewers about his role in history. 

She said: “It was my first time on television and I was nervous. I hope I didn’t make a fool of myself. 

“Our building is around 700 years old and all the creaky floorboards were giving the sound men hell.”

“Luckily we’re about to start our heritage lottery project which will mean we are revamping the building over the next few years, making it more accessible to people, getting a cafe. It will mean people can find out more about their local area.”

A BBC spokesman said: “This vibrant three-part series explores this battle, looking back at the extraordinary characters and often surreal circumstances that established heritage in the hearts of the nation.”

The Battle for Britain’s Past begins on BBC4 tomorrow (March 7) at 9pm.

The John Lubbock exhibition will be on at The Bromley Museum between May 13 and June 28.

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