A LEWISHAM Hospital worker is being honoured with a police award for bravery after rescuing a man who had fallen onto railway tracks.

Good Samaritan Harris Butt spied a motionless man on the line at Elmers End railway station and joined an off-duty policeman to climb on the tracks and help him to safety in November last year.

The business support manager at Lewisham Hospital braved the live rail to carry out his selfless act and will receive an award for courage from the Chief Inspector of British Transport Police on March 15.

Mr Butt, 35, who was on his way to work at the time, said: “It was just one of those situations where I thought I had to help and just did it.

“I was worried about touching the third rail but I was reassured by the policeman with me. You do it without even thinking.

"Afterwards I just carried on with my journey and went to work, I had end of month reports to do.”

Chair of Lewisham Healthcare NHS Trust, Elizabeth Butler added: “Harris has demonstrated tremendous courage in coming to the aid of a stranger in need.

“I think he is fully deserving of this recognition and we are proud to have such a dedicated person as part of our workforce.”