THE children of Churchfields Primary School, Beckenham, have put on an art display at Bromley Library.

As part of Book and Art Week, each class produced a picture inspired by a page of Julia Rawlinson's Fletcher and the Falling Leaves - a book about a fox cub's first experience of autumn.

The result was 15 pictures, put together by around 400 pupils aged between three and 11, which tell the story of the book.

Kyra Campbell, five, a year one pupil said: "When I saw the pictures in the library I felt really proud.

"It made me feel like a real artist."

Mandy Holland, 51, a year one teacher, said: "We held an exhibition of the pictures at our school but we were so very proud of all the effort the children had put in, and of how fantastic the end results were, that we really wanted them to be seen by a wider audience.

"We were really thrilled when Bromley Central Library allowed us to stage the exhibition there."

The display will run until Saturday March 2.