A MUSLIM youth group helped plant more than 2,000 trees in Danson Park on Sunday. (Feb 24)

More than a 130 members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association joined forces with Bexley Council to help with the project.

Ken Hobden, chair of Friends of Danson Park, said: "The work will much improve the park and increase the wildlife habitat in the park by providing the nested habitat that's for birds and insects and help to serve our threatened wildlife.”

The initiative forms part of the association’s national tree planting initiative that it is running in conjunction with charities across the UK and has seen more than 8,000 trees planted already.

Mubarak Shams, regional youth leader for Bexley and Lewisham, said: “Events such as these help to promote good community relations and offer us a welcome opportunity to contribute positively towards this great area and country.

“The Prophet Muhammad, who was a mercy for mankind, was particular about protecting the environment and planting trees. It is his noble example which is the inspiration behind this initiative."