FORMER Bond girl Gemma Arterton has revealed her love of ‘filthy jokes’ and 'fart noises' which she puts down to being a ‘Gravesend girl’. 

The 27-year-old actress starred in a Bond film in 2008 and is currently promoting films Song for Marion and Hansel & Gretel: Witchhunters.

In yesterday’s Metro paper (Feb 20) she discusses growing up in Kent and how it’s affected her life.

The actress, who attended Gravesend Grammar School for Girls in Pelham Road, said: “I was the joker. When I got into trouble, it was probably for making fart noises in class.

“I think it’s the Gravesend girl in me.

“Obviously I’m very demure most of the time but I do love a filthy joke.”

When the interviewer said she expected Ms Arterton to be “posher”, the former St Trinian's star sets her straight.

She said: “Are you joking? I grew up in Kent with an Estuary accent so strong it was almost cockney. I was all like ‘wot the f*** are you lookin’ at?’ until I went to ‘drrrrrramah’ school, where they told me it wouldn’t do me any favours and they teach you RP (received pronunciation) instead.

“I remember going to my dad’s house for Sunday roast and I said something like: ‘May you pass the ketchup?’ and he went: ‘F*** off, I’m not passing you nuffing when you speak like that.  What are you, Mary Poppins, or somefing?’”

“I grew up on a council estate and used to go to the community centre for Brownies.”