TWO men pretending to be police officers stole more than £1,000 from a 93-year-old woman in Dartford.

Police were called after 7pm on Sunday, February 17 to reports two men dressed as police officers called at a home in Loam Court to tell the elderly occupant she had been burgled.

It is claimed one offender went into the bedroom and distracted her, while the other went into the living room and stole a purse containing £80 cash and credit and debit cards.

He then went into the kitchen and found a pot with £1,000 cash in it.

The elderly woman became suspicious of the pair when they asked where she kept her jewellery and when challenged, they ran for the door and made off.

Kent Police Detective Constable Richard Olley said: “Clearly this is a concerning incident and if anyone has any concerns in relation to the identity of callers to their home, they must ask for identification, even if they are claiming to be from Kent Police.

“No officer will mind you doing this.

“If you have further concerns about the validity of the identification, call the company or organisation the persons says they are from.

“Do not let anyone into your home unless you are confident they are who they say they are.”

Both offenders are described as white, aged between 25 and 30 and tall.

Anyone with any information should call DC Olley on 101, quoting reference XY/5345/13, or contact Kent Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.