POLITICIANS have called into question the mayor’s ‘dodgy stats’ on Bromley police.

London Assembly Member for Lewisham and Greenwich Len Duvall and Labour London Assembly Police and Crime Spokesperson Joanne McCartney have both criticised Boris Johnson’s interpretation of police figures.

They have claimed there are discrepancies between the mayor’s London Datastore and the statistics Mr Johnson has cited regarding how many police there are and how much the number will be increased.

Mr Duvall said: “We know 69 police officers have been lost since May 2010 in Bromley and 2,208 police officers have been lost already across London.

“According to the Mayor, Bromley will be getting 54 by 2015 to replace some of those that have been lost. In fact it looks like we'll lose 11 by 2015.

“It now appears Boris’s plans for the future of the Metropolitan Police are based on dodgy stats. Boris either knows these figures are wrong or is deliberately misleading the public.”

The Labour politician added:  “It is vitally important that the information given to people is absolutely watertight and there is no confusion.

"We need to get to the bottom of what is going on as transparency is vital to building public trust in this whole process.

"I am backing calls for the UK Statistics Authority to investigate so we can get to the bottom of this.”

Fellow Labour Assembly Member Joanne McCartney has written to the UK Statistics Authority seeking clarification.