A WOMAN whose car was badly damaged on a large pothole caused by the cold weather is worried cyclists or motorcyclists could be killed.

Jacqueline Lingham, of Gatesgreen Road, was driving down Tiepigs Lane, West Wickham, on February 11 at 6pm when her car shuddered and she heard a loud bang.

She quickly realised the tyre of her Nissan Micra Sport had blown.

Mrs Lingham said: "As I was driving along there was a big bump and it really frightened me.

"I thought the bottom of the car had fallen out."

She added: "I braked and I was lucky the car behind did not crash into me.

"I knew something really bad had happened."

The 41-year-old said the pothole caused a tyre to be ripped open, while the alloy of the wheel was bent out of shape, causing around £300 worth of damage.

Ms Lingham said: "I was driving quite slowly.

"If I’d been driving any faster it could have been very serious.

"My biggest worry a cyclist or motorcyclist being killed.

"They could easily lose control and be either seriously injured or killed.

"A wheel can be replaced but a life can’t."

The council has said it received a call from Mrs Lingham following the accident and ensured the hole was filled the day after.

Councillor Colin Smith, Executive Councillor for Environment said: "At this time of year there are, unfortunately, always going to be potholes which form rapidly during extreme wintry weather conditions.

"The Council continues to repair them as quickly as it possibly can, as weather conditions permit, starting with the biggest holes first, until such time as they are all repaired.

"I would strongly encourage not only Bromley residents but also passing motorists, to please report any street problems they see to the Council, to assist us in expediting the necessary works, as happened in this instance.

"The easiest and most effective way to report problems is to please go online if you can, clicking on the ‘report it’ button on the home page of the Council’s website."