TWO neighbours from Swanley have been banned from keeping horses after a judge found them guilty of mistreating six ponies.

Sharon Cooksley, 42 and Jamie Brown, 23, both of Heath Close, were each disqualified from keeping horses for a year at Dartford Magistrates Court on Thursday.

Cooksley denied six offences under the Animal Welfare Act whilst Brown denied nine in relation to six ponies kept at Oakview Stud Farm in Horton Kirby in 2011.

RSPCA inspector Andrew Kirby said: “One chestnut mare had dental abnormalities that she was not getting treatment for, rug wounds and was in poor condition.

“She and her foal were being denied appropriate forage and grazing. “Another chestnut colt had rug wounds and ringworm.”

Cooksley was found guilty of four offences and fined £400.

Brown pleaded guilty to one charge and was found guilty of six- he was fined £700.

The defendants, who are appealing the court’s decision, must also each pay £500 costs.