CULLING foxes has not been ruled out by Bromley Council after a one-month-old baby was reportedly attacked by a fox in his Downham home.

Denny Dolan had to undergo a complex operation to reattach one of his fingers after it was ripped off during the attack in Dagonet Road last Wednesday (February 6).

His mother Hayley Cawley says she found the fox with her new-born son's hand in its mouth after she went to investigate a noise coming from the bedroom.

The fox apparently dragged the baby out of his cot, causing him to fall onto the floor, where it continued attacking him.

He is now said to be recovering well at The Evelina Hospital, Westminster.

Bromley Council’s executive member for public protection and safety Councillor Tim Stevens said: “We were obviously very sorry to hear about the alleged fox attack in Lewisham and wish the child a swift and complete recovery.

“Generally, there appears to be a growing concern about the urban fox population across the country.

“If action were taken against foxes in a particular area, a number of issues would have to be considered such as gaining access to private property, that baiting could inadvertently kill domestic animals such as cats and dogs, that marksmen with rifles to cull the fox population would not be welcomed by many people in residential areas, as well that the fox population would swiftly replace itself unless all the neighbouring boroughs and counties joined in too.

“Bromley Council issues advice to residents on how to discourage foxes from their properties, such as not feeding them or putting out food for birds which can encourage them, and ensuring that household waste is stored properly.

“Our website also has information on who to contact.

“At present central government does not regard foxes as vermin.”

Click here for more information about how to discourage foxes.