DARTFORD’S MP Gareth Johnson and Gravesham MP Adam Holloway were among 175 politicians who voted against gay marriage on Tuesday.

Reporter ALEXANDRA FRANKLIN found out how shoppers in Dartford would vote.

Carol James, 57, Wilmington

As a Christian, I don’t believe in gay marriage. I agree and have no problem with civil partnerships but the bible states that gay marriage is wrong, and churches do not agree either. Therefore, I don’t think gay marriage should be conducted within a religious ceremony.

Jaymin Wadher 21, Dartford.

As I have gay family members, I have no problem with it. Gareth Johnson should move more with the times, and realise we are living in a modern, secular society.

David Pemberton, 69, Wilmington

I’m concerned on the effect it would have on society and to more traditional marriage values. Marriage is a lot deeper than equality, and I feel the whole thing was rushed through Parliament. Attitudes in society will stay the same, regardless of this vote.

Helen Anderson, 50, Northfleet

Church should only be for a man and a woman because of Christian values. This vote will impact hugely on Christian values and I agree with Gareth Johnson for voting against it.