AN UNATTENDED tea light sparked a house fire in Dartford last night, which left a woman in her 60s with injuries.

The fire at the house in Turner Court is believed to have started after the homeowner, who was in her 60s, left a tea light burning on top of the television before going to bed.

A smoke alarm fitted inside the house woke the woman shortly before 11pm, who tried to extinguish the fire by throwing water over the flames.

However, the water made the laminate flooring wet and she then slipped, cutting her arm.

She also suffered minor smoke inhalation.

Dartford watch manager Dave Read said: “Luckily the woman was still able to get out of her property to safety but had she been seriously injured during the fall, the outcome could have been very different.

“Just three breaths of fire smoke can be enough to knock you unconscious.”

Two crews from Dartford used a hose reel to tackle the “small” fire and a positive pressure ventilation fan to clear smoke from the house.