A 14-MONTH old dog is thought to have been poisoned by grit laid in Bexley.

Rock-Sea fell ill after going for a Sunday stroll around the streets close to her home in Murchison Avenue.

Her concerned owner Jo Haine says the Boxer dog’s symptoms include shivering, vomiting and excessive drinking.

The mother of two said: “I don’t know whether she’s got grit on her paws and licked them later or eaten the grit.

“She has a problem with her kidneys. She’s drinking the water and it’s going in one end and out the other.”

Mrs Haine, of Murchison Avenue, Bexley Village, got in touch after reading News Shopper’s article on three dogs struck down in Dartford two weeks ago.

“I don’t know whether they’ve changed what they put on the roads but all of a sudden I’m hearing cases of dogs taken ill.”

Rock-Sea’s health took a turn for the worse following the walk last month and has had blood tests at Oval Pet Centre Veterinary Practice.

“She’s such a young dog - I just hope there’s no long term damage.”

A Bexley Council spokesman said it has not received any reports of dog poisoning caused by gritting and uses rock salt which does not contain any additives.

She added: “Pet owners are of course advised to wipe their dogs' paws when they return home from walks in any adverse weather conditions to prevent them from either becoming sore or licking them excessively.”