Opinions among Bexley MPs were split when the controversial gay marriage bill was voted on in the House of Commons. Reporter ALEXANDRA FRANKLIN found out how shoppers in Bexleyheath vote.

BEXLEYHEATH and Crayford MP David Evennett announced in November he would be voting against the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill, a decision he committed to in Parliament on Tuesday (FEB 5).

Meanwhile Teresa Pearce, Labour MP for Erith and Thamesmead, and Old Bexley and Sidcup’s representative James Brokenshire were among the 400 politicians who backed the proposals in the Commons.

Prime Minister David Cameron hailed a "step forward for our country" after the House backed a second reading of the proposals by a margin of 400 to 175.

Under the proposals, same-sex couples will be able to get married in civil and religious ceremonies, with faith institutions being able to opt out.

The legislation will now be subjected to more parliamentary scrutiny before a House of Lords vote.

Kris Mcateer, 31 – Peckham

Love is love. Marriage isn’t sacred anymore; there isn’t the same link between it and the church. We live in a secular society. Straight people have the choice to not marry, so why shouldn’t gay people have the choice to marry? This vote will make it happen.

Ash Herbert, 86, Greenview Avenue

I’m absolutely against this. Marriage is sacred between a man and a woman, and it should stay like his. David Evennett is a good man for voting against this. I don’t normally agree with him but on this I agree 100 per cent.

Stacey Gibbs, 26, Hollyhill Road, Erith.

Marriage should only be between a man and a woman because of family reasons. Family is very important and it’s not the same with two male or two female parents. It wouldn’t have the same value. I’m glad David Evennett voted against it.

Matthew Harrison, 17, Paddock Road, Bexleyheath

Gay couples should have the same rights as straight couples so it should extend to marriage. There would be no negative repercussions of this, so I think they should be allowed to marry.

Kim Leeds, 48, runs KLS Flowers and Plants in Broadway

It’s brilliant we live in a society where this is being discussed and considered. I don’t agree with David Evennett and I think gay couples should have the choice and the right to get married. However, I don’t understand why as a gay couple you would want to marry if churches are against it.