THE Costa Coffee at the Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) has caused further controversy by charging more for a cup of coffee than the average high street Costa.

A coffee at the Farnborough hospital costs a customer between 15 and 20 pence more than if they ventured out to a Costa Coffee elsewhere.

Ida Mullinger, 72, a volunteer at the hospital, said: "It is quite disgusting - they are taking gross advantage not only of people visiting the hospital, but also of staff." 

The PRUH said: "It has been pointed out to the Trust by the contractor that there are some additional costs associated with running the cafe inside a hospital which would not apply on a high street.

"We would also note that when discounts for staff are taken into account, the prices for staff are cheaper than in the high street."

This follows last month's decision by the PRUH to substantially reduce its restaurant opening hours in favour of the Costa Coffee, leading to an outcry from members of the public who claimed they were cutting a cheaper service in favour of a more expensive one.