PEOPLE say the funniest – and often silliest – things, sometimes speaking before engaging brain.

News Shopper went back to Crayford for another quick eavesdrop and reporter David Archer came back with these little gems.


Woman: How much would you pay for this game (Zelda Wind Waker)?

Shop assistant: That’s a really rare game.

Woman: Oh... I have just sold it on Ebay for a tenner.

Shop assistant: What, it’s worth at least three times that.

Woman: I best cancel that sale then!

Pets at Home

Mum and son looking at rabbits.

Mum: Oh they are so cute.

Son: No, it’s ugly.

Mum: How about him?

Son: Oh he’s nice, can we get him.

Mum: Yeah ok


Man: What’s the voltage of a lemon?

Shop assistant: Half a watt.

A customer bought a PC case for £20 and had a complaint.

Man: This doesn’t work.

Shop assistant: What do you mean?

Man: It won’t turn on.

Shop assistant: It’s not a PC, it’s just a case for one.

Man: Oh, I feel like such an idiot.

Pound Town

Two friends in Pound Town.

Man: How much does this cost?

Man: A pound.

Man: Oh... right.

We'll be hearing what people have to say in Mottingham and Eltham next ...

Meanwhile, have you heard anything amusing or strange while you’ve been out? Add your comments below.