HUMAN bones found on the banks of the Thames in Greenwich appear to be more than 10 years old and from a man in his 20s, police say.

Amateur archaeologist David Nolan made the grisly find while out walking his dog at Enderby's Wharf on Monday (Jan 4) morning.

The 46-year-old, of Shooters Hill, said nine bones were visible, including a femur, five vertebrae, a rib, and two parts of the pelvis bone

He said: "I am absolutely fascinated with the history of the River Thames and would love to solve the mystery of how the bones came to be there.

"We find many interesting artifacts on the Thames, but nothing has intrigued me more than this.

"The bones have been there for many, many, years, it would be a great justice to give the remains a proper burial."

A spokeswoman for Greenwich Police said: "They have been analysed - they would have been the bones of a man in his 20s. It is thought that they could be over 10 years old."

Mr Nolan said he hoped the Museum of London's Thames Discovery programme would be able to examine the bones once the police investigation is complete.