A GREENWICH man who snatched a Tube passenger's mobile phone was arrested within 10 minutes and jailed 24 hours later after being spotted by undercover cops.

Adrian Moldovan, aged 42, of Greenwich High Road, was sentenced to 26 weeks imprisonment at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on January 31, after pleading guilty to theft.

The court heard the victim, a 26-year-old woman from Leyton, boarded an eastbound Piccadilly line train at Leicester Square London Underground station with her mobile phone and Oyster card in her jacket pocket.

Moldovan also boarded the train, stealing the items from his victim’s pocket before dashing out again as the doors began to close.

He was arrested by plain clothes pickpocket squad officers who were patrolling the platform at the time.

British Transport Police's investigating officer PC Gareth Jones said: "A few simple precautions can also help reduce this type of crime. Remember to zip up your bags, keep your jewellery, mobile phones and MP3 players hidden and stay alert to what’s going on around you."

Tips for keeping your property safe on London’s Tubes and trains:

• Keep purses secure and carry wallets in an inside pocket

• Zip up hand and shoulder bags

• Carry bags in front of you with flaps against your body

• Keep straps short and bags tucked under your arm

• Don’t display jewellery, mobile phones and MP3 players

• Don’t show your money — keep it safely in your pocket

• Stay alert and aware of what's going on around you when using your phone in public