OFFICERS investigating the death of Marcus Innocent in Woolwich in November last year have charged a fifth man with his murder.

Twenty-four-year-old Raffael Scialo, from Greenwich, is set to appear at Bromley Magistrates’ Court today (January 31).

The four men previously charged with the murder are as follows: Richard Brennan, aged 28, and his 21-year-old brother Jack, appeared at Bromley Magistrates’ Court on January 25.

The men, both of the Greenwich area, were both remanded in custody to appear at a crown court on a later date.

Perry Lee Sutton, aged 24, of Green Street Green Road, Dartford, appeared at Bexleyheath Magistrates' Court on January 24.

He was charged with the murder of Marcus Innocent and possession of a self loading pump action smooth bore gun and was remanded in custody to appear at a crown court.

Daniel Burgess, of Weardale Avenue, Dartford, appeared at Bromley Magistrates' Court on Christmas Eve charged with the murder.

The thirty-two-year-old man was remanded in custody to appear at the Old Bailey on March 7.