INVESTIGATIVE schoolchildren tested their interviewing skills when they visited News Shopper offices last week.

Pupils from Burnt Ash Primary School, in Rangefield Road, Downham, quizzed reporters on how to find scoops and write news stories as part of a literacy project.

Twenty-eight pupils, aged eight and nine, attended with a notepad and a keen eye for a story.

They were bursting with questions which included: "How do you find your stories?", and: "Do you make it all up?" 

Editor Andy Parkes told them about the history of the paper which started in 1965 before they took part in mock-up front page photo shoot.

Teacher Bridget Knapper said: "Both the children and the adults thoroughly enjoyed it and we all think it was the best trip that we've been on.

"It was terrific for the children to see a real purpose for writing and especially hearing how important 'writing for the reader' is."