A BECKENHAM teaching assistant was so inspired by the literature lessons she attended she has published her own book of poetry.

Louise Swatton, 49, works at Darrick Wood School, in Lovibonds Avenue, Orpington and found following the curriculum alongside the pupils fired up her imagination.

Her book of poetry and sonnets, Totally Exposed, will be stocked at various nearby stores including Beckenham Book Shop in the High Street.

Ms Swatton, of Barnfield Wood Road, took her copies over to the shop last week (Jan 26) so they can start flying off the shelves.

She said: "I grew really interested in poetry and literature as I helped the children study it in class.
"I decided to self-publish my own book and found the process very straight-forward.

"It would be amazing to be a full-time author in the future - that would be lovely - but I’ll be carrying on with my teaching work for the moment."