A FULLY functioning cannabis factory, with the potential to produce £300,000 of cannabis a year, has been closed down in Bromley.

The factory operated out of a townhouse in Ullswater Close, where officers from Bromley police executed a search warrant yesterday morning.

Four bedrooms in the three storey house had been converted into the factory.

100 fully grown cannabis plants were recovered from one of the rooms with a further 200 plants - already harvested - in separate rooms.

The harvested cannabis was found drying in the fourth bedroom, which had been converted into a 'drying room'.

Chief Inspector Carron Schusler from Bromley Police said: "Drug dealing damages communities, generating crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour.

"We are determined to tackle this issue head on by bringing together our resources to reclaim and help repair areas affected by drug dealing.

"With your help we can make your local neighbourhood safer.

"You make the call, we'll make it stop."

Cannabis factories are an issue across the suburbs and are regularly found in Bromley.