LEWISHAM police say their New Year’s resolution is a "zero tolerance" approach to anti-social behaviour in Lewisham town centre.

A crackdown on low-level crime will take place at least once a month in the centre including stop-and-searches and targeting those ‘skitching’ – skating while hanging on to moving vehicles.

The latest operation saw a cannabis seizure, a ticket for cycling on a pavement, and notices for drinking in alcohol-free zones on January 8.

Lewisham Town Centre Team spokeswoman PC Raquel Lovekin said: "We will be taking a zero tolerance approach to anti social behaviour within Lewisham Town Centre.

"It is a new year and we are making the communities of Lewisham aware that anti social behaviour and low level crime within the Town Centre will not be tolerated."

She added that a trend in young people skating while tailgating buses, lorries and other moving vehicles is "dangerous" and will lead to arrests.