THIEVES steal 314 phones per day on average on London streets, police have revealed.

The Met has highlighted the statistic as it launches a new advertising campaign on street robbery.

Posters have been placed in stations, phone booths and online to remind the public to be aware of where and when they choose to put their valuables on display.

Phones are by far the most common item stolen, police say, making up 70 per cent of items taken. Apple iPhones specifically account for around 50 per cent of all stolen phones.

Detective Chief Superintendent Simon Letchford, from the territorial policing team , said: "We're trying to make people think differently with this campaign - having your personal possessions on show gives robbers a chance to make easy money.

"If you are a victim you may lose things that have a personal value to you and which can't always be replaced, in addition to the cost of replacing items.

"Just being conscious of where you are and being careful about when you display your valuables can help you avoid being targeted. Don't let yourself become a victim and ruin the start of your 2013."

Tips to avoid becoming a phone theft victim:

- Ensure it's harder for thieves to get at your phone by making a habit of keeping it in a secure or zipped pocket.

- If you are getting out your phone out in the street, don't attract attention to it - try to avoid texting/checking it as you are walking along and be especially alert when taking it out as you emerge from public transport hubs - these are often hotspots.

- Keeping both hands on the phone and holding it on the side of your body away from the street can make it harder from thieves on pedal or motorbikes to snatch it from you.

- Never leave your phone unattended in a public place and don't leave it lying in front of you on a table as you could become prey to distraction theft. A lot of thefts occur in pubs, restaurants or concerts where the phone is left in handbags or unattended jackets.

- Don't leave your phone in an unattended car - if you must, lock it out of sight. It only takes seconds for a thief to smash a window and steal it.