YOUNG clothes designers learned the other side to the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry when they staged a catwalk show at their school.

Girls at Sydenham School spent hours rehearsing for the event which showed off designs created as part of recent GCSE and A-Level textile courses.

And it was so popular it was run three times so every pupil could watch the girls striding down the catwalk.

Textiles subject leader Karen Martin said: “It’s a sign of how consistently successful the textiles students are in producing interesting designs each year, and how that success grows.

“When I ask the organisers what they feel they gain from their involvement often students mention the time-management skills and team-working experience they have had as well as the insights they’ve gathered about how such shows are constructed.”

This year the models also showed off Maori-like capes which were created by Year 7 pupils as part of a cultural diversity project.