A THIRD of men think they are more attractive to the opposite sex after drinking alcohol, a new survey has found.

One in five (22 per cent) believed they were better in bed after a boozy night, while almost half (43 per cent) claimed they were funnier when drunk, according to the poll of 4,000 people.

The survey by Cancer Research UK aims to highlight the misconceptions of British men under the influence of alcohol.

It found only 13 per cent of women agreed their partner was more appealing after a drink.

Nearly a third of females (30 per cent) felt their partner was not funnier when drunk, while two in five women (42 per cent) disagreed that alcohol boosted their partner's performance in bed. Two in five (42 per cent) women said they hated it when their other halves were drunk.

The poll found almost a third (31 per cent) of men thought they more likely to attract a partner after a drink, while more than a quarter (28 per cent) admitted to making drunk calls or texts which they later regretted.

Two in five men (40 per cent) believed they were better dancers after drinking, but more than a third of women (37 per cent) said alcohol did nothing to boost a man's moves on the dancefloor.

Cancer Research UK's new Dryathlon campaign is urging drinkers to give up alcohol throughout January to raise funds for the charity.

Ed Aspel, head of Cancer Research UK's Dryathlon campaign, said: "We wanted to explore some of the myths we thought men held on to about how they appeared to the opposite sex after a drink or two.

"The fact that 42% of all women hate it when their partners are drunk is a pretty good incentive to give Dryathlon a go and stay off the booze for a month."