A MEMORIAL service for 19 victims of a Second World War rocket attack in Blackheath saw old friends reunited.

A midnight V-2 blast flattened most of Sunfields Place on November 30 1944 and decimated the community.

Resident Toni Hale organised a service to mark the 68th anniversary where a tree was planted and hung with 19 purple ribbons in memory of each of the victims.

After reading a recent feature in News Shopper about the tragic day, many old friends came together on November 30 to remember those who died.

Ms Hale said: “It was a beautiful service and we had a good turn-out of people. “Some of those who were there at the time and now who have rekindled past friendships. Great news all round.

“The Minister Solomon Joseph from Sunfields Methodist Church did a lovely service and all victims of that night were mentioned.”

There will now be an annual event held each November 30 at Sunfields Place to remember those who lost their lives to war.