A 60-YEAR-OLD man has been jailed for four years for helping a murderer hide the body of Shaun Corey in a wheelie bin in Forest Hill.

Police discovered the 42-year-old’s body wrapped in tarpaulin in Stanstead Road on June 15 last year.

Bernard Beddoe, of Revelon Road, Brockley was discharged of the murder of Mr Corey but sentenced at the Old Bailey on Monday to four years in prison for assisting an offender.

Karen Otmani, aged 42, who called Beddoe “uncle”, was locked up for at least 17 years last month for the murder of boyfriend Shaun Corey who she smothered to death.

After doping her partner’s beer, Otmani tied him to her bed before smothering him at her home in Stanstead Road, on June 4 last year.

She then hid his body in a green bin for 11 days before a police search uncovered the body - hidden in a box in the bin which was covered with clothing and blankets.

Beddoe was sentenced at the Old Bailey on December 10 and Otmani on November 12.