TEN “hooligans” have been arrested following a fight between Crystal Palace and Brighton and Hove Albion football fans.

The Met Police launched an investigation after disorder broke out in Kings Cross in central London on November 10 following separate matches by the teams earlier that day.

Officers from the public order investigations team, working closely with colleagues in Kent, Surrey and Sussex Police, carried out six arrests at around 5am on Saturday (December 1) at homes across the regions.

Four men, aged 41, 23, 21, and 32, in Sussex and another two in south London, aged 25 and 19, were arrested. 

A further four men, two aged 21, one aged 28, and another with age unknown were arrested subsequently in Croydon.

They were all arrested on suspicion of violent disorder and have been taken to a south London police station. They have now been bailed to return on a date in early January.

Specialist Crime and Operations Directorate Detective Chief Inspector Andy Barnes said: "These people are not genuine football fans, they are hooligans who went to Kings Cross looking to engage in violence that day.

"Our investigation continues, and I would urge anyone who has any information about individuals who use football as a cover to commit violence and disorder to contact police on 101."