A DELIVERY driver described how he screamed “no, no, no” as a Welling motorcyclist came off his bike and slid under his van's wheels.

Robert England today gave evidence at Croydon Crown Court during the inquest into the death of Tomasz Bury.

The van driver described how Mr Bury, aged 40, of Penpool Lane, lost control as he travelled towards him on the other side of the road in Crayford.

Mr Bury had just overtaken a green Mazda T2, at 6.35am on July 12, before entering the roundabout in Crayford Way.

Mr England said: “There was not one bit of traffic in front of me as I came off the roundabout.

“Then I saw Mr Bury’s motorbike shaking violently to my right.

“I immediately braked and saw him come off his bike and he was coming towards me.

“I shouted ‘no’ three times because I thought I was going to run him over.”

Eyewitness Scott O’Connor described how he saw Mr Bury collide with the van.

He said: “As he came off the bike he slid along the road and slammed into the van.

“I ran over to him. His mouth was moving but there was no noise coming out.”

All witnesses said the van was probably stationary when the collision happened.

The driver of the Mazda got out of the car and diverted traffic as others pushed the van off Mr Bury.

Mr O’Connor rang the emergency services and an air ambulance came minutes later.

Another eyewitness, mechanical engineer Daniel Kennedy, told News Shopper at the time of the crash: “The driver of the van was hysterical.

“He was in shock, he didn’t know what to do or say.

“Paramedics were doing CPR for at least half an hour.

“I think his brother was there and his co-workers.

“His brother was trying to hug him on the ground.”

Mr Bury was pronounced dead at the scene at 7.24am.

Coroner Dr Roy Palmer told Mr Bury’s 31-year-old widow, Agnieszka Bury, how sorry he was for her loss.

He said Mr Bury died of multiple injuries and recorded a verdict of death by accident.

Mr Bury worked at Viridor Waste Management in Crayford, as an employee of Red Eagle employment agency.

Viridor’s regional manager, Stuart Wood, said: "He will be greatly missed by his many friends and colleagues. Our thoughts at this time are with his family.