ORPINGTON MP Jo Johnson has added his voice to the debate about bus routes using the Chislehurst Road bridge.

The 61, 273 and 661 routes have been on diversion along Poverest Road and Cray Avenue since weight restrictions were put in place on the old bridge in March 2009. This move was welcomed by people living in Petts Wood.

But some of the pensioners living on the other side of the bridge in Berens Way, St Mary Cray, struggled to get to their new nearest bus stop, which is about half a mile away.

Now the bridge is open, they are hoping all the buses will be returned to their old routes.

Transport for London (TfL) says the 61 bus will revert to its original route via Chislehurst Road from December 1.

But it says routes 273 and 661 will be kept on their existing routes for the time being, because it says they have been well used on the diverted route.

Peter Bradley, head of consultation delivery for TfL, said: “During the spring, we will be undertaking a review of all bus services in the area, including a consultation with residents and stakeholders. “No permanent changes to bus routes will be made until the conclusion of this consultation.”

Mr Johnson said: “I have been closely involved with the ongoing discussions on the future of the 61 and 273 bus routes.

“I have discussed the matter with the Mayor of London and have arranged to meet TfL’s managing director for surface transport.

“I will press him to consult widely and undertake a thorough usage analysis to determine the best future routes for these vital community links.”

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