A FOOTBALL club’s season could be in jeopardy after a break in at the ground where its teams play.

Thieves forced the lock on the gates of Ravens Nest, Layhams Road, Keston, and then smashed the five padlocks which were on the container belonging to Bromley Juniors FC.

Once they had opened the doors to the storage unit the crooks stole a ride on lawnmower, a push along mower, a hot plate, sweets, crisps and cans of drink.

The theft could mean the 15 teams, from under sevens to under 17s, cannot play on the pitches.

The club’s secretary Dave Robinson said: “The thieves made such a mess of the container.

“It is such a shame that people do not realise what they are doing and how they have affected the club.

“It could affect future matches.

“If we get a spurt of growth the grass will be too long to play football.”

Mr Robinson says he is considering hiring someone to come and cut the grass on the five pitches but believes this could be very expensive.

He is hoping businesses might want to step forward and help the club get back on its feet after the theft because it was not insured.

“We weren’t insured at all.

“We took on the pitches this summer and you think ‘should you’ or shouldn’t you’ and it was more a point of getting the place up and running.”

The break in happened at the club on the night of November 12.

Anyone with any information about the theft should call the police on 101.

If you can help the club with its lawn mower issue you can contact Mr Robinson on 07943 170442 or email rdavehayes@aol.com