One of News Shopper’s best ever (and we use that term very loosely) videos was filmed on this day exactly 10 years ago.

In the heyday of our video production, we decided to give our daily ‘Inside the Newsroom’ broadcast a Halloween twist.

So, cue weird and creepy music, cue scary masks, cue random apple bobbing for no particular reason – it was EPIC.

There were spooky goings on aplenty, with reporter Vicki Foster busy trying to get the facts after a ghoulish skull was seen in the woods at the back of the News Shopper office in Petts Wood.

Brave north Kent reporter Dan Keel and Greenwich and Lewisham's Mark Chandler were the only ones who dared to go outside.

Oh, we had fun back then – and our editorial staff were very good sports, some slightly more willingly than others if memory serves.

Relive this decade-old horror classic above.