A stunned online shopper was left speechless after he was delivered a single sprout.

Martin Lubikowski, 63, thought he had ordered one kilogram of Brussels sprouts from Sainsbury's online food delivery service.

But when his shopping arrived at his home in Kent House Road, Beckenham, on Friday night, he was shocked to find just one sprout in a plastic bag.

Martin says wife Annabel, 63, and the delivery driver both burst out laughing when the single vegetable was produced.

He said: "Last week, we did an online shop with Sainsbury's, as we always do.

"I selected what I thought was one bag of sprouts, but one single sprout arrived.

"My wife and the delivery man had a jolly good laugh about it - why would someone order just one sprout?

"The minute it came out we all burst out laughing.

"I was puzzled, bemused and a bit incredulous about the whole thing.

"It made me wonder what sort of level of intelligence the people who pack your groceries have.

"The delivery man said 'even if the order does seem strange, the pickers' instructions say you have to follow exactly what's written'.

"There's clearly no room for common sense."

Self-employed information designer Martin has warned other online shoppers to keep an eye out for easy mistakes like his.

He added: "Occasionally they do some bizarre substitutions, but they're not normally an issue.

"Nothing as weird as this has happened before - I would hope it was my mistake and not theirs.

"I've gone back on the website and perhaps it could have been that I didn't press the button switching from number of items to kg.

"You have to be very attentive when ordering online otherwise you get this."

A Sainsbury’s spokesman said: "Customers ordering online have the choice of ordering by unit or by weight.

"We’re sorry for any confusion."