Surprising and inspiring Brazilian dance, art and installations will take over a south east London museum this month in a late night pre-Olympics showcase.

Award-winning British-Brazilian choreographer Jean Abreu is co-ordinating the spectacular Labirinto at the Horniman Museum on Thursday, July 28.

Labirinto is part of the Horniman’s Festival of Brasil season and is based on Abreu’s latest project A Thread. He plans to transform the Horniman galleries into a fascinating labyrinth with a dozen distinctive performances alongside the museum’s range of artefacts to captive the audience.

He said: “There are a lot of surprises, that’s the best way of describing it, the audience will have the control to which order they go to see the performance.

“We will have them in a continuous loop and the same performance that they see in one gallery might be repeated in different galleries in different ways.

“It will be a continuous exploration, as like experiencing the museum they always have the choice to see what artefacts they can see or to look at.

“I was trying to recapture that and give them a level of interactivity with all the performances they are looking at.”

Abreu has carefully constructed Labirinto to celebrate Brazilian culture, with the event taking place a week before the opening of the Rio Olympics.

He said: “Being Brazilian, of course you feel very inspired by the events and incredibly proud in the fact that it is there. But, in a broader sense I think that sense of ownership and being able to present to a world stage is something that any Brazilian feels inspired and proud about.”

Labirinto is at the Horniman Museum from 6.30pm on Thursday, July 28. Tickets cost £5. Go to

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